Thursday, January 06, 2011

Critics With Bad Attitudes

Why do most critics feel that they have to be mean and nasty just because they personally don't care for something?  This is a question I have asked myself for years.  I've listened to movie critics and read countless book reviews.  I learned a long time ago that 90 percent of the time if they don't like something, I will.  If they like something, I won't.  Yesterday I read a review on a book that I just loved.  I was in shock!  They wrote a very nasty review with a very cynical attitude.  They took a book that was a joy to read and a lot of fun and made it sound like it was a waste of paper.

I understand writing an opinion of a book.  Granted, it's just an opinion, a personal one.  What I don't understand is why some people feel that theirs is the only one that counts and, if they don't like something, they seem to feel that it's their mission to make sure nobody else will want to read it either.  From what I've heard, food critics are just as bad, if not worse.

I have been told a few times in the past that I'm too nice.  Maybe that's true at times.  However, I can say that there are times when I'm a real bitch.  But I guess all of us women can be that on occasion. There are certain rules that I've always tried to follow through life. 

1. Never judge others.  That's God's job. (Basically, "He who is without sin may throw the first stone.")
2. Never assume. It makes an ass out of u and me. It's the mother of all screw ups.
3. Give others the benefit of the doubt until they prove themselves unworthy by word or by action.

Now don't get me wrong.  I'm no saint.  Even I break my own rules sometimes by accident, mostly. I try not to, but it does happen.  You can give an opinion about something without being mean about it.  Just because you don't like something doesn't mean other will feel the same.  I have a positive attitude.  I look for the positive first and foremost.  If there is something I don't like, I can share my thoughts without being rude about it.  I really dislike rude and crude people.  It just isn't necessary to be that way.  Especially when it can affect the lives of other people in a negative way. 

Well, I guess I have vented enough for today.  I just had to say something after seeing that review last night.  People that write those kind of reviews really make me angry.  I hope that what I've written today has a positive effect on those who read it.

Have a wonderful day!

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